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Jason R. Rubin is an accomplished entrepreneur, investor, and real estate attorney, who lends his personal experience to provide expert counsel on the most complex real estate matters across all subsectors of the industry (commercial, residential, industrial, etc.), and advises investors on strategies that mitigate risk and maximize returns.

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We are bilingual in English and Spanish.

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Whether you are a buyer, seller, realtor, or lender our team of experts can assist in all property-related matters. 

Our team of property experts is here to provide our local, national, and international clients with responsive support and legal representation for the purchase, sale, and management of real estate assets.


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What is real estate title insurance and how much does it cost?


Title Insurance protects either an owner or a mortgagee of a loan against certain liens, encumbrances, and interests of third parties. There are exclusions of coverage that vary amongst property and policy.

What are the common costs associated with buying and selling a home?


Some of the common costs associated with buying and selling a home are:

  • Brokerage commission
  • Title insurance
  • Documentary Stamp Tax on deed and mortgage
  • Survey fees
  • Title search (through a title agent)
  • Lien search fees

For more information on the costs associated with buying or selling a home, please review our short article.

If a buyer is not ready to close on the contractually agreed date, what are my options as a Seller?


The remedies a Seller has for a nonperforming Buyer vary depending on the contract language that exists, but could include any of the following:

  • Retain the Buyer’s Earnest Money Deposit
  • Demand that they perform
  • Allow Buyer additional time to close under additional terms that you specify
  • Waive and Wait

All contracts are NOT created equally.  Engage our office to help you draft your contract for purchase and sale and protect yourself in the event of counterparty non-performance.

What kind of diligence is necessary to conduct when purchasing a commercial property?


There is a multitude of diligence that must be conducted before committing to purchase a commercial property.  Some of the diligence includes, but is not limited to:

  • Property Condition Assessments (PCA’s)
  • Phase 1 environmental studies
  • Market analysis of the market in which you are looking to purchase
  • Rent roll analysis
  • Zoning studies
  • Tax Analysis

We provide all of this support to our client Buyers and remove the stress from their shoulders when they are investigating potential purchase opportunities.  Contact us for help.

What is a 1031?


A 1031 exchange is a real estate transaction, permitted under Section 1031 of the US Internal Revenue Code. It allows an owner of real estate to part with a property or properties and defer any capital gains accrued in the process as long as the proceeds are used toward a similar investment within a certain time frame.  There are specific rules found within section 1031 of the Code that both the relinquishment and acquisition legs of your transaction must meet.  We have vast experience in this process and work with well reputed 1031 intermediaries that guide clients through the entire process, helping them defer millions of dollars in capital gains.
Contact us if you are selling a property to see if the 1031 Exchange is an option for you.

How do I find the best loan for the property I am buying?


Finding the best loan is very nuanced and case specific.  Everyone has different needs-  Some people are rate sensitive, some people are time sensitive, some people need bridge loans, and some want I/O (interest only), while some people have preferences in terms of LTV (loan-to-value).

Our firm has relationships with many leading banks, brokerages, and private lenders and we can help find the perfect loan for you. Talk to if you are unsure before you enter into your next real estate contract.

What is Florida Homestead Exemption and how does it help me?


When you own a property and it qualifies as your permanent residence or the permanent residence of your dependent, you may be eligible do receive exemptions that will reduce the taxable value of your home by $25,000.00 to $50,000.00.

You also may be eligible for the Save Our Homes provision that limits the amount that the taxable value of your property, and thus your property taxes, can be increased each year.

Call us to find out whether your homestead property is eligible for the potential savings above.

Why do I need to conduct a survey on the property I am purchasing?


Not only will this be a requirement of any lender providing you with a loan, more importantly, a survey will help you understand whether the property you are looking to purchase provides any third parties with rights, access, or claim to your property.  An accurate survey is crucial to understand your land boundaries, and any easements, limitations, or responsibilities to others you may inherit when after making the purchase.

What is a Deed?


A deed is a legal document that is recorded that conveys an interest from one party (Grantor) to another party (Grantee).  There are different types of deeds that are used in the real estate industry, varying depending on the contractual agreement in place, and the type of property and parties involved.