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Our team of estate attorneys will ensure that the wishes for your estate are carried out in accordance with your will at your time of passing.

We have helped countless others and can help you with:

Wills, testaments and trusts

A will, testament, or trust is a legal document that sets out the wishes of an individual regarding the distribution of their property after they die. These documents typically outline who receives which assets and when (e.g., upon death or after a set period of time), as well as any special conditions that must be met before the transfer can occur.

There are also various tax implications associated with wills and trusts, which can include estate taxes and capital gains taxes.

If you are considering creating a will or trust, it is important to speak with an estate lawyer to understand all of the legal requirements and implications before proceeding.

Property conveyance

The conveyance of property is regulated by the law and involves several key elements to ensure that the transfer of ownership takes place smoothly and legally. Important aspects to consider include ensuring that all financial prerequisites are met, that a “deed” is correctly executed by both parties, and that all fees are paid in a timely manner. Consulting a professional estate attorney will ensure that there are no nasty surprises when navigating the purchase, sale or transfer of your property.

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