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Buying or selling commercial property

Our proven expertise makes the buying and selling of commercial real estate as simple as possible. From negotiating leases to preparing contracts—and every stage in between—our real estate attorneys provide commercial property owners and investors with the advice they need to make smart business decisions.

Buying or selling residential property

Buying or selling a property? Our expert team of real estate attorneys can advise you on the best strategies that mitigate risk and maximize returns.

Leasing property

Our firm makes life easier for landlords and tenants through the provision of legal advice made simple. Know and protect your rights as a landlord or a tenant today!

Property loans and refinancing

Our firm has relationships with many leading banks, brokerages, and private lenders. We can help find the perfect loan for you.

We care about the needs of lenders and mortgage brokers, too. Our attorneys can provide professional advice to lenders and mortgage brokers in the arrangement of real estate financing.

Section 1031 exchange

You can defer capital gains accrued in the sale of a property if you use it to purchase a similar investment within a certain time frame. We have vast experience in this process and work with well-reputed 1031 intermediaries that will guide you through the entire process.

Dispute resolution

Buying, selling, and investing in real estate is a complex process and is vulnerable to disputes from any number of parties involved in the process. Our team of legal professionals is here to help you navigate disputes in the most stress-free way possible.

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